I recorded Brenda at her teacher’s space about 10 minutes walk from the Kam Sheung MTR. The space is next to the teacher’s house and she also holds her sound baths there on occasion. There is a vegetable garden that is tended to by helpers and his students. It was a sweltering early summer day and you can hear the cicadas, dogs, and caretakers wandering in the heat. Brenda plays several instruments in her sound baths including the shamanic drum, gong, and a small shruti box. The most unique instrument she uses is her voice as she chants harmonizing with the instruments and singing well-wishing mantras that she has learned over the years from her teachers.

Sound Bath 027: [Listen here]
This recording begins with the cicadas, the sound of the returning summer. She starts of playing a Remo drum which is different from some of the natural animal hide drums I have heard. The sound is more consistent and less maintenance than a one made from hide. I was quite surprised when she began to sing, which I imagine is a rarity amongst sound bath practitioners. Her confident, gentle voice makes the sound bath more intimate.