I recorded Debbie @sora_da_peace at her friend yoga studio in Tsuen Wan and this time I had the chance to ask her a few questions about how she started being a sound practitioner and her playing style. It was amusing to learn that learning singing bowls were not even her idea. A friend invited her to do it together but in the end, she ended up going alone. She practiced a few years but it wasn't until last year after she lost her job, that she began practicing full time. She has had several teachers, each one imparting a different approach to sound baths. Her first teacher was a Nepalese and focused more on energy and healing. Another teacher was Hans de Back and she felt his teachings were more musical. Her last teacher was Tsang Man Tung and she said his style was more artistic. She wants to study the science behind the bowls and the physical effect it has on the body, ultimately combining all these different approaches to create her own style.

Sound Baths out soon.