Edmund Chan

Edmund got his first bowl 5 years ago and has been learning ever since. He now gives sound baths to groups or 1-to-1 sound healing. He mainly plays metal singing bowls. Read more about Edward in an interview here.

Sound Bath 011: [Listen here]
This is the last track I recorded of Edmond. The three tracks I record from each practitioner allows them to explore their expression over time and results in a great document of their progress.

This track I felt Edmund getting used to the process and opening up with different styles and instruments. He begins with a crystal pyramid chime and seamlessly begins with the bowls. He incorporates more swiping with hitting and the bowl placement was more intentional for the stereo recording. It is a great and soothing session.

Soon after the recording, he contacted me and said he was working on a singing bowl duet with a friend where the bowls are dispersed around the room. It's great to see how this has inspired his creativity for his expression. I can't wait to record it.

Sound Bath 007: [Listen here]
This was my first recording with Edmund. This relaxing session style incorporated drones as well as hits on the metal bowls creating interesting contrasts and dissonance.

Sound Bath 002: [Listen here]
Edmund plays metal bowls with a calming theme.