LJ Navera

I traveled to Lipa City which was around 45 minutes drive from where my family lives. His name was mentioned by several people whom I contacted about the recording and luckily, I was able to record him on this trip. LJ is an artist that uses many mediums for his work. He uses many instruments in his sound baths, some of which he makes himself, such as his hand pan, mini gong, and digeridoos. His extensive bowl collection assures a unique performance every time. He also uses a loop pedal to create rhythms that he adds layers to as he improvises. Not your orthodox sound baths sessions, LJ infuses his creativity to create meditative music.

We recorded his sessions at his home in Lipa City. You can hear the quiet neighborhood sounds of dusk from his open window.

Sound Bath 033: [Listen Here]
Another unique improvised creation, LJ loops and layers sound into a melodic introspective performance. Beautiful and musical.
Sound Bath 030: [Listen Here | Insight Timer]
In this session, LJ begins by playing his locally made hand pan he developed with a local Russian friend. The second half of the song, he begins layering a loop with a digeridoo and hand pan. It is a wonderful, improvised performance.