May Lim

I recorded May
@healwithmay in her apartment where she holds sound baths for small groups of people she knows well. She is self-taught and has been giving sound baths since she first heard the sound of crystal bowls in 2018. May plays her crystal bowls for healing purposes and through her intuition, will 'retune' a person's physical body using sound.

May had two sets of bowls. The first set contains a bowl for each chakra connected to certain organs of the body. By listening to the tone of the bowls she can detect which parts need to be 'retuned' (pulsing or flat tone) and plays the bowl(s) over and over until the organ matches vibrations of the bowl (smooth and correct tone). The second set of bowls are a half-tone lower and are more grounding.

'You will be my object today.'

As May's approach to sound baths is to heal, she needed to focus on someone and that person was me. It was the first time I had been the focus of a sound bath before (to my knowledge) and it was a unique recording of a session that had an actual meaning. What you will hear on both of the recordings we made is a ‘chakra snapshot’ of my body and the 'retuning' of it with sound.

'The deeper your dare to root, the higher you will reach'

Was her message for me after the soundbath. ‘In order to go high, you need to have a firm foundation.’ She elaborated. She felt that my root chakra compared to the other bowls was off and helped me 'retune' by sounding that bowl until she felt it was right again. She also began singing in harmony with the bowls which helped soften the pure tones of the bowls. The sessions for me were very inspirational, which is the common effect that crystal bowls have on me. As I listen to them again at home, that same feeling is brought back, this time with a gift. Tonight, I planted the seed for a new project.

Sound Baths out soon.