Minnie. Where to begin? Since I have started this project, I found that there are practitioners that learn in classrooms through books and lectures, and there are the practitioners that learn by going out there, getting dirty, and experiencing it first-hand. Minnie is much more the latter. She splits her time between travelling South America, Mexico, HK and the rest of the world actively seeking and learning about the cultures there and their ancient beliefs of the power of nature, sacred rituals, and exploring our own consciousness. Her IG is well documented and offers some insight to her travels, but you just have to meet her to hear about her explorations in the wilderness, and her discoveries within her own psyche.

She brings her crystal bowls with her during her journeys which, she admits, does add to the anxiety but I can only imagine how special its fragile, pure tones must sound amidst such raw and ragged surroundings. It's not a trip for the faint of heart and has resulted in a broken bowl.

Sound Baths out soon.