Paul Yip

Paul is an amazing performer. His sound baths are quite technical, and one can only imagine the amount of experience that goes beyond every sound. When listening to his work, he lets you roam your imagination. Open your eyes and he is sound embodied. Every breath and movement intentional and perfectly placed.

He frequently performs at festivals with other experimental musicians, in theatrical productions, and independent films. His quiet demeanor perfectly represents his musical style it is no wonder that he would eventually find the path to being a sound bath practitioner.

Sound Bath 012: [Listen here]
This is the first track I recorded of Paul. In this session, he played his metal bowls. Every time I listen to this recording it brings me very deep. Slow and steady, his entire body moves to strike the bowl, moving his hand to mimic his breathing.

As he breaths in, his hand moves toward his body. As he breaths out, his hand moves away from his body, not hitting the bowl until he commits to striking it. Watching his performance is meditative in itself.

Sound Bath 004: [Listen here]
In this recording, Paul plays a single gong. He strikes the gong at specific points in repeating patterns.

Sound Bath- March 2023 Bonus Track: [Listen here]
This is the third recording I recorded with Paul. Each recording used different instruments with no two alike.

Paul used a tongue drum that he designed with a craftsman to his specifications. This is a soothing, entrancing composition that has a dynamic tempo and volume. Walking and running leading us to a more relaxed state.