Sheung Ning

Sheung Ning (ig: began learning about sound baths a few years ago and regularly performs sound baths. A self- proclaimed introvert, she finds that sound baths allow her to express herself creatively and makes her more outgoing. These recordings were recorded one evening in Lai Chi Kok. In the recordings, you can hear the sounds of late evening in the building as the shopkeepers close their roll down gates, Jangle keys, and leave footsteps that disappear in the distance. It is a great description of place and location.

Sound Bath 026: [Listen Here]
Sheung Ning’s style is quite slow, and very minimal. In this recording she moves with the bowl around the room striking it at every breath. The rustle of her clothes as she moves adds to the mystery and anticipation of the experience. As she slowly swipes the rim of the bowls the pulsating sound draws you deep. Until everything stops. She plays with silence as if it were a sound. The power of stillness, of quiet.