Grace Chen

Sound Bath 016: [Listen here] [Insight Timer]
Grace. South Bay Beach HK, 4am. Playing a lyre made by Andreas Lehman by the ocean.

"You know if you want to do this right, we need to record in the early morning.", I said.
"Like how early?", she asked with a teary-eyed emoji.

I woke up at 3am after a sleepless night, anxious with anticipation. I met Grace and we drove to South Bay Beach. There was more sound than light there. Tiny ocean waves lapping on the shore. We set up near the waterline and she began tuning her lyre.

"Give me 10 minutes, I need to connect with my instrument.", Grace said.
"Ok. I will start recording. Start whenever you want.", I said not wanting to distract her from her meditation.

She walks to the water's edge with chimes and stands still, listening. She comes back and begins, playing with the ocean.

She eventually stops and sits there, reconnecting to the moment. A distant fishing boat starts up and slowly drifts into silence. A ship's horn softly bleats. "Should I stop?", I say to myself, biting my lip. "No, let's just see what happens."

She picks up the chimes and walks along the beach this time, coloring with sound. She returns and plays again. Insects and birds begin stirring. Daylight breaks and I notice the tide had come in. Did you hear it? You can, you know.

She looks at me and I stop.

I drive her home as the sun peeks over mountain tops. The city begins its daily rituals, unknowing to what had just happened.

香港南湾海滩,凌晨4点,Grace弹奏着Andreas Lehman制作的竖琴,沐浴在海边。

我说道, "如果想做到完美,我们需要在清晨录音。"
她说话的时候发了个哭脸表情询问道: " 那要多早?"


"给我10分钟, 我需要与我的乐器联络一下感情。"Grace说道。

她带着风铃走到水边, 静静地站着倾听。她回来后开始和海洋一起演奏。 她最终停下来,坐在那里, 重新与当下相连。一艘远处的渔船启动, 缓缓地进入寂静中。一声轮船的汽笛声轻轻鸣响。"我应该停下来吗?",我对自己说,咬着嘴唇。"不,让我们看看会发生什么。"


你知道的,你能听到。 她看着我,我停下来。