June Lam

"I felt they weren't very awake just now.", June said as she struck all the bowls in turn. Just this awakening ritual could be a sound bath in itself. We had just finished our first recording and talking about her relationship with her bowls during our break.

"Years before, when I was crazy about my bowls, I would wash them, put them in sunlight, burn incense over them, like a spa", she said.
"They have names too. I call this one, beauty."

June has been a sound practitioner since 2016 and has developed a unique style creating interesting two-handed rhythms with the bowls or tuning forks.

Sound Bath 017: [Listen here]
I recorded June's three sessions at a rented yoga studio in Kwun Tong she usually holds her sound baths. She had decided this recording would be more energetic and awakening.

In this recording, June's style begins subdued and gentle, almost timid. It feels loose, as she gently tip-toed around the bowls with her mallet. Slowly the piece gains composure and clarity, with more defined movements and improvised combinations. The clustered rings of high frequencies provided a playful, fresh feeling in the windowless studio. As the adjacent offices shuffle and shut doors I do not hear them. She plays her gong at the end. Its grounding low tones are very welcome and warming; played in a heartbeat rhythm. A much needed contrast before settling back down and finishing with the tap of a tingsha bell.