Giorgio has an amazing antique collection that encompasses many different styles of bowls, each with their own characteristic. Some had several amazing sounds both dissonant and harmonious all within one bowl. When purchasing new bowls, he prefers the adventure and serendipity of exploring and finding single bowls with character rather than purchasing complete sets. This creates his eclectic signature sound. Giorgio has a deep knowledge of music throughout his life and is the only practitioner I have recorded so far with formal music training. He enjoys wandering around the unstructured improvisations that sound baths allow always listening and experimenting for new sonic discoveries.

Sound Bath 019: [Listen here]
The ocean. A powerful, untamed force. Beautiful yet merciless. Giorgio ( performs a mesmerizing sound bath on a large ocean drum. His skillful, steady hands mimic the muted nuances of waves crashing on a distant beach. The drum subtly revealed though the tiny balls hitting the wooden frame so as not to lose you totally in its sonic swaths. My throat dries as I see myself standing on the shore, breathing the salt in the air. As I come back to here, the traffic hums as I take a final breath before I open my eyes.