Manuela's (@yoga_heartin) sound baths were recorded at her studio in Lai Chi Kok. Manuela also contributes her time at her local community center where she performs sound baths to the elderly community to help them with their anxiety and pain.

Sound Bath 022: [Listen here]
Manuela laid her bowls in a large triangle formation on the floor and said that for her individual sessions, her client would lie in the middle of the shape while she performed her sound bath. I thought it would be interesting to hear a sound bath from the client's perspective and placed my stereo microphone on the floor where the head would be. The result is a very immersive, intimate sound bath with a great sense of space and distance. Her movement between both sides of the body adds a dynamic, 3-dimensional feel to the performance.

Sound Bath 025: [Listen here]
This was the first recording I made of Manuela. The microphones were placed on a stand in a typical point of view. The bowls were in a triangle on the floor and sounds of her movements to play the different bowls can be heard. Her way of sounding the bowls were. Unique in that she would tap the bowls twice or three times in quick succession with the same rhythm- one long, two short. The spacing out of the bowls gave depth to the recording, describing the space with near/far subtleties in tone.