I recorded Tata (ig: @tata_the_sound_lady) in Candace's new space in PMQ. Candace (@crystalbowloflight) joined the first two recordings and the last one Tata played solo. Tata began her sound journey around three years ago when she came back to Hong Kong after living in Nepal pre-covid. She was diagnosed with cancer and was advised by her doctor to search for a way to lower her stress and anxiety. She eventually found that sound healing was right for her, especially the gong. She is a student of Martha Collard and she learned from her for about a year. After she got the cancer removed, she felt as though the gong helped her healing and her mood. She likes to give sound baths in nature and actively seeks teachers that use nature to enhance the sound experience.

Tata played a single titanium gong while Candace played the bowls in her space. The combination of the untamable gong sounds with the precise tones of crystal made a striking contrast. Even the street sounds provided an uncanny accompaniment to the recordings, perfectly timed trick drive-bys and the symbolic din of glass bottle sorting that reverberated between the buildings along the narrow backstreet really painted a vivid picture of the local life and the area. In her solo recording, Tata selected and played crystal bowls from Candace's collection. She chanted while playing the bowls and finished with the gong.

Sound Baths coming soon.