Yumi gives regular gong baths around Hong Kong. Her humorous and welcoming character complements the emotional sound baths that she performs. Yumi has practiced Reiki for many years and spends her time between Hong Kong and Japan with her family.

Sound Bath 024: [Listen here]
This was recorded at Ore Art in Sheung Wan. It was the first solo gong bath I had recorded and it blew me away. I had no idea a single gong could have so much power. Her symphonic gong is very musical with each hit creating a new layer of sound upon the last resulting in an overwhelming wave of sound that fills your mind. I felt new ideas and inspirations emerge perhaps because deep down that was what I was seeking. I would anticipate our future recordings as a time of creation and release.

In the middle of the recording, I had heard a unique sound in between the layers. She revealed that she sang into the gong with her voice. It was amazing how it became one with the sounds of gong softening it, making it more human.