Sound Bath Sessions

Sound Bath Sessions is a subscription supported project offering exclusive live recordings of sound bath practitioners in Asia.

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Paul Yip

Paul is an amazing performer. His sound baths are quite technical, and one can only imagine the amount of experience that goes beyond every sound. When listening to his work, he lets you roam your imagination. Open your eyes and he is sound embodied. E...

Ravina Daswani

Ravina Daswani has been a sound therapist for 5 years and she works from her studio in Hung Hom. She became interested in sound baths because it helped her cope with the pain of a medical condition he has. She mainly plays the metal singing bowls that ...

Emma and Vicky

This is the first track I recorded of Vicky and Emma (@em.kysoulhealthy) at Omoon Studio in Tsim Sha Tsui, HK. Emma and Vicky usually work together as a duo during sound baths. Emma's focus is with the individual sound healing aspect of sound therapy w...